A disruptive & patented technology

Green algae is a massive resource with uncontrolled growth that pollutes beaches and seas. Its management and elimination is a major environmental concern for cities and states, which must manage this pollution with the highest rigour.

1. Enrichment

After harvesting the algae, starch enrichment is carried out using a patented process in large ponds producing 20 times more biomass than current land-based plant crops.

2. Extraction

Extraction of starch is processed by a patented enzymatic cracking technic producing 13 times more starch than current terrestrial production of corn starch for example.

3. Transformation

Material is processed into biodegradable or durable bioplastic formulation improving by 15% the mechanical properties of current bioplastics.

Sustainable production capturing CO2 for different types of applications

Green algae are a tool in the fight against global warming and greenhouse gases. Publications show that 1 kilo of dry algae capture 1 kilo of Co2. We are expecting a production of 10,000 tonnes by 2022.

Patents cover

Dietary control of algae to reduce protein content.

 Starch extraction process from algae by reducing the protein content by 75%.

 Formulation and characteristics of biopolymers for various applications.

Renewable. Recyclable. Durable.

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