Algae to change the plastic planet


396 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced worldwide every year (WWF study). A third of this plastic waste ends up in nature (source: WWF study). There is an urgent need to limit the environmental impact of plastics mismanagement.

Green algae

Green algae proliferation is a global issue that directly impacts France, the United States and China. Their development is accelerated by global warming and pollution. Not collected and not valorized, they can be a threat for humans and the environment.


Thanks to an innovative and patented solution, our company provides an answer to these two global problems. Our technology uses green macro algae stranded on beaches, a pollutant, as a resource for the production of bio-based, recyclable, compostable resins. This is called Upcycling.

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Our values

Property value

No occupation of agricultural land

Development of land fallow or desert

Fourteen times less land used than for current bioplastics derived from food crops

Environmental value

Bioplastics derived from green algae

Recycling a pollutant into a value-added product

Local and global territorial value

Upcycling of a pollutant causing issues on communities (proliferation of green algae)

Improvement of the environment value of the sites

Depollution of beaches

Societal value

Local and scalable international industrial project

French know-how

Local employment of none specialised workforce

Actor for reassessing none productive land

Energy Value

Energy partnership with local manufacturers

Clearing beaches and sites

UPCYCLING of a waste

Use of ENRs

Renewable. Recyclable. Durable.

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